You want fitter teams
and better products

We do pragmatic consulting that gets results

Forget the playbook

What works at Amazon or Spotify probably won’t work in your organisation.
Results come from better practice—not best practice—and every team is unique.
Drop the dogma and just do what works. Proudly uncertified.

Pain relief for you digital product organisation

Advisory and Diligence

You have high conviction and a vision for product success, but outcomes don’t happen like imagined.

Get strategic clarity for your product missions and create winning plans so teams can win.

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Rapid Innovation

Ideas are cheap, and it’s too easy to spend big and build zombie products if you’re not paying attention.

Find risks and test them fast, before sunk costs kill all your options.

Product Operations

You’re doing the right things but it’s not working—too slow, too expensive, and not performing.

Unblock your teams and develop Systems of Work that maximum performance.

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The book on 3 mindsets for Product Innovation

This 70 page quick-read by Jonny Schneider takes you through the mindsets, methods, and how to bring it all together when leading digital product teams. It’s succinct, light on theory, and packed with loads of practical guidance, based on applied learning from doing the work.

We’re not the same as the others

We’re not an agency, on purpose.

Product success demands variable capabilities, specialist domain knowledge, and tailored teams to fit your situation. One-size-fits-none, and no traditional agency can be the best at everything.

We work with best-in-class partners and shape winning teams on-demand, to power your product mission.

Stop talking, start working.

Consultants talk too much. Don’t they? We’re here for chats, but we care most about getting it done.

As practitioners first, with experience working in-house and as consultants, we know how to cut through the clutter fast, and get straight to the good stuff. Let’s go!

Do the work with you, not to you.

We don’t believe in black-box consulting, where customers bring problems, and only consultants deliver solutions.

Success is leaving you better than we found you. We get inside your teams, and turn your people into experts, so you don’t need us anymore.

Jonny’s greatest contribution was guiding our team to define and articulate our digital vision, and develop the narrative to influence our executives. I personally found Jonny a delight to work with—a wise counsellor with a quick sense of humour who quickly became indispensable.

—Kirsty Crowley, GM Digital, Origin Energy

Jonny has been instrumental in uplifting the team’s product capability and mindset. He’s top talent, motivated, and genuinely cares about the result. We always felt that we got the best of the best when working with Jonny and his team.

—Jasper Streit, Executive Manager, IAG

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