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Accelerating teams to achieve big customer outcomes for brands of every size. Known for facilitating strategic clarity and driving progress through goal-focused initiatives, we help you drive strategy from opportunity to outcome, and become product-led as an organisation.

Different to big consulting, Humble Ventures favours tiny teams of high-impact people who work collaboratively with you. We don’t run playbooks or rely on standard practices. Recognising every mission is unique, we focus on first principles and depth of experience to get the outcome.

We start by developing an opportunity into your first expression of strategy. Followed by customer learning that builds confidence and reduces uncertainty. Then we make it real with product design, engineering, go-to-market, product operations, and more.

The goal is outsized customer value—and we get there working with your teams alongside our trusted partners.

Meet Jonny Schneider

Jonny is a product leader with background in customer experience strategy, digital innovation, and product management. Since 2004, he’s worked with software product development teams, collaborating from business case to public launch on new digital products and services for brands like Amazon, Telstra, National Australia Bank, and Mazda.

During ten years as a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks and Amazon Web Services, he advised leaders on product innovation and coached teams globally at organisations like British Airways, Origin Energy, Morrisons Supermarkets, Standard Chartered, and Porsche, among many others.

He’s also the author of Understanding Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile (O’Reilly, 2017), and speak internationally about product leadership, customer innovation, and software delivery.

Jonny lives in Melbourne, works all over, and makes fine furniture in his spare time.

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