Product Management Accelerator

For Individual Contributors who want to grow fast.
This is for product managers and people entering product management from adjacent roles like designers, analysts, subject matter experts, and more.

Product Managers will learn new aspects of the craft, find and cover their blank spots, or double-down to supercharge skills that matter most. People new to product management will discover their shape as a Product Manager, with expert advice and guidance to kickstart their new career.

What you’ll get

6 x 1 hour sessions that can be completed over 4-8 weeks at your pace. This includes:

  • Individual assessment, looking at your skills and preferences to find your shape as a Product Manager
  • Compare and contrast your skills and impact with industry expectations of product managers
  • A tailored growth plan based on your strengths, weaknesses, and goals
  • Mentoring on high-priority areas chosen by you
  • Advice on career planning and pathways to your next role or promotion
  • Anything else you want or need—it’s your time.

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What people are saying

You have completely changed my mindset. I’ve learned more in the last 9 months working with you than I’ve learned in several years before that. Thank you for everything.

—Nat Abood, Senior Product Manager, REA

Your advice stayed with me, I’ve been able to put it into practice, and it’s helping me on my PM journey. People are noticing… a Global Manager recently remarked ‘This level of clarity and decision making is genuinely incredible’.

—Diane Aung, Associate Product Manager, JobAdder

Customised Product Coaching

For adaptive coaching that changes with your needs.
There’s a 1,000 problems to solve in product leadership, and it’s not always obvious until you’re sinking in deep water. Everyone has a different set of goals and circumstances—and things can change fast. Create a coaching approach that works for you.

Ad hoc

This suits people who want to touch base a few times a year.

Multi pack

As many sessions as you like, consumed in 30 or 60 minute increments, and valid for 3 months.

Sessions are booked in advance, on a schedule, or ad-hoc with 72 hour turnaround. 

This suits most people who want continued help.

Monthly subscription

An all-you-can-eat arrangement that suits people who want a lot of support.

Popular for product leaders who want to collaborate on specific things, like crafting a product strategy, or designing a new team. It’s not just advice—we do the work together, as opposed to me providing advice/mentorship. 

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Workshops and Online Training

Coming soon to Maven.